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The week that ran, February 14-20, 2022

By Robert Johnson
February 23, 2022

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Stat of the Week I / Times in the NCAA ain’t what they used to be

Via Texassports.com

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9:25.97 – NCAA men’s indoor medley relay record held by the University of Texas from 2008 to 2020. Team Texas fielded an eventual Olympic silver medalist on the anchor (Leo Manzano) as well as an NCAA champion on the 1200 stage (Jacob Hernandez).

9:24.56 – time put up by the 12th best NCAA DMR team this year (the final qualifying time).

Yes, it’s true. Thanks to super spikes, a plethora of super alumni using an extra year of eligibility, and the transfer portal, long-standing NCAA distance marks are no longer officially relevant. An era that just two years ago was the NCAA record for 12 years isn’t even fast enough to get you a spot on the NCAA starting line anymore.

Roddie Haley dies at 56

Roddie Haley and his teammates at Penn (via @RazorbackTF)

Speaking of fast DMRs, Arkansas has run many over the years and sadly one Arkansas DMR legend – sprinter Roddie Haley – is no longer with us. Yes, we wrote that correctly – a sprinter that was a DMR legend. As a rookie in 1985, Haley split 44.2 to open the Penn Relays DMR for the Razorbacks and would win the NCAA 400m title and finish the year ranked third in the world. The following year he was even better at Penn, splitting 43.5 – at the time, the fastest split ever at sea level – to help the Hogs set a world record (he also won the NCAA 500m indoor titles in 1986 and 1987, and was on the US 4 x 400m gold medal winning team at the 1987 World Championships). Incredibly, Haley still holds the Arkansas school record in the 400 of 44.48, set since 1986. If you want to know how Haley became a DMR legend, we suggest you read this article from the former holder of the Canadian record, NCAA champion. , and Olympian Doug Consigliowho was a teammate of Haley.

Consiglio also has a second article that describes how Haley was a student of the sport with great insight into racing tactics. Consiglio says Haley wanted to learn more about running, so one day Haley decided to run with Consiglio and managed to hang on for four miles at 6:00 a.m. The post also describes how when the NCAA added the 500 as a championship event in 1986, Haley immediately set a goal of breaking 60 seconds despite her grandmother telling her that at the start of the runway, she only wanted to see two numbers on the clock (meaning a submarine). -60,400). Haley scored her goal by clocking a world record 59.82 on a 10-lap mile track at the NCAA. The mark ended up invalidated for the WR as the track was short 25 inches per lap, but the dude was super fast as the current indoor world record is 59.83.

Haley was a great talent and a beloved teammate. TEAR.

There is a GoFundMe to help you with funeral expenses.

Continued: MB: RIP: Roddie Haley – a Penn Relays legend and NCAA champion for Arkansas as a freshman – has died at 56
*MB: Anyone know anything about Roddie Haley running 59.82 for 500 at the NCAA meet?
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Stat of the Week II / My God, people are fast at 13.1 these days

12 and 15 – number of seconds behind the American 10,000m records for the men’s and women’s leaders during the 10km split of the RAK Half 2022 last weekend. Uganda Jacob Kiplimo split 26:56 before “fading” to 57:56 (26:56 is a 56:50 beat) while Ethiopia Girmawit Gebrzihair Gebru split 30:28 before running 64:14 (30:28 is a 64:16 pace).

A total of seven men broke 59:00 (eight broke 60:00) and seven women broke 67:00, including Eilish McColganwho ran 66:26 to break by Paula Radcliffe British record of 66:47 (Radcliffe’s fastest half of 65:40 came on the assisted Great North Run).

Continued: Course records (57:56/64:14) fall at RAK Half

The 2022 Tokyo Marathon promises to be fantastic

Next weekend’s Tokyo Marathon peloton came out last week and it’s shaping up to be epic. Americans, clean up your Saturday night social calendar (March 5, 7:10 p.m. ET) because you’re going to want to watch this one.

For only the second time in history, a marathon will start with five men beating 2:04. And one of those five is Eliud Kipchoge. Here’s how the Tokyo 2022 field compares to other 2021 majors and some super deep races from other years as well.

Boston 2022 Sub-2:04 Sub-2:05 Sub-2:06 Sub-2:07 Sub-2:08
Tokyo 2022 5 8 9 15 17
2021 New York 1 1 1 2 4
Boston 2021 0 3 8 11 11
Chicago 2021 1 5 7 9 9
2021 London 5 6 7 7 7
Berlin 2021 2 2 2 ten 13
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 4 9 14 24 33
2020 Valencia 2 9 14 23 25
2020 London 4 7 9 9 9
2015 London 4 8 9 9 ten

Of course, because of super shoes, times aren’t what they used to be (London in 2015 had four guys under 2:04 from the pre-super shoes era), but Tokyo is meant to entertain this year. . More Sara Room will continue the AR on the women’s side.

Continued: CRL World record holders Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei headline Tokyo 2022 marathon

A 40 year old man runs 2:06

In Seville, Spain, last week during the 37th Zürich Maratón de Sevilla, a bunch of fast times were achieved, with the following catching our attention:

  • 40 years Ayad Lamdassem from Spain ran 2:06:25 to set both a world masters record and the overall Spanish record (previous record was 2:06:35) to place 6th in the race.
  • Winner Rome 2019 Alemu Megertu of Ethiopia, 25, lowered her bp from 2:21:10 to 2:18:51 to win the women’s race.
  • In the male race, compatriot Asrar Abderehman, who doesn’t even have a date of birth on his World Athletics biography, lowered his bp from 2:07:33 to 2:04:43 to claim the win.
  • British Olympian Jess Piasecki, who was only 71st in Tokyo (2:55:39), ran a huge bp of 2:22:37 to move up to No. 2 on the UK all-time list (previous bp of 2:25:29 ) behind only Paula Radcliffe.
  • 2015 World Champion and 2016 NYC Champion Ghirmay Ghebreslassiestill 26, lowered his bp from 2:07:11 to 2:05:44 to place third.

Camille Herron breaks the men and her own record

Lamdassem wasn’t the only speedy 40-year-old last week. At the Jackpot 100 Mile, for her first race as a master, the 40-year-old American Camille Heron set the world’s best 100 mile women’s 12:41:11 and the world’s best 12 hour 94.5 mile as well as the world’s best 50 mile women over 40 (6:08 :24). She also beat the male winner (Arlen Glick) at 11:15 p.m. to win the race – which served as the USATF championship – instantly.


Keely Hodgkinson opens her season and ends her teenage years in style

You don’t have to be 40 to run well. In one of his last runs as a teenager, Keely Hodgkinson, the Olympic silver medalist in the 800m, opened 2022 with a super impressive 1:57.20 in Birmingham. Hodgkinson’s time broke the British record and is the fastest time by anyone indoors since the current world record of 1:55.82 was set by the Slovenians. Jolanda Ceplak March 3, 2002 – which happens to be the day Keely Hodgkinson was born.

This is the second year in a row that Hodgkinson has opened up very quickly. Last year it started with a 1:59.03 and eventually went down to 1:55.88 in Tokyo.

It will be interesting to see how the Hodgkinson-AthingMu the rivalry plays out over the rest of their careers. Will they end up being about equal as we saw with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadaland Novak Djokovic in men’s tennis or will they instead end up Paul Tergat-Haile Gebrselsassie?

In case you were wondering, Mu turns 20 on June 8th.

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