Why Daveed was right to ask Jibri about Miona


On 90 Day Fiancé, Daveed Dacho made comments about Miona Bell, which sparked a fight. However, some fans think he did the right thing.

On 90 day fianceJibri Bell’s latest episode lost her temper after Daveed Dacho made comments about Miona Bell; however, some viewers believe his bandmate did the right thing. Miona and Jibri are a new couple who have already come under intense scrutiny from viewers. Originally from Serbia, Miona is a makeup artist who wants to live a lavish lifestyle and show off her unique sense of style. Jibri is a struggling musician who lives at home with his parents, which hasn’t turned out to be an easy task.

Despite being a self-proclaimed feminist, Jibri’s mother, Mahala, was uncomfortable with Miona’s revealing clothes and unhappy with her cooking. However, Mahala is not the only member of Jibri’s circle to be suspicious of Miona. 90 day fiance Jibri’s teammate Daveed has also noticed significant changes in his behavior which he attributes to Miona. The group met at a recording studio where Daveed pressured Jibri for answers and made comments about his relationship with Miona, which led to a physical altercation.

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Coming to the studio, Daveed’s main goal was to get everyone focused and ready to make music. As they were about to start, Jibri wanted to message Miona, which triggered Daveed. After making several comments about how Jibri is too focused on Miona, he hinted that the group’s problems were due to him, causing Jibri to swing at him. While at first Daveed seemed too invested in their relationship, Daveed was right to point out concerns about Miona.

After the turmoil died down and the group celebrated their newly recorded single, Jibri admitted he was overwhelmed. Between 90 days of the groom With Miona arriving, struggling with finances, planning a wedding, and trying to keep the peace with her friends and family, Jibri has a lot on her plate. A smug Daveed nodded and agreed as he listened, saying that’s why he pushed Jibri, which makes sense. As a band member and lifelong friend, that’s what they’re here for: to check in when life gets tough.

While there are probably better ways for Daveed to get Jibri’s attention to his concerns, his intentions were in the right place. 90 day fiance viewers witnessed the back and forth between Jibri and her acquaintance. Not to mention that Miona later admitted that Jibri loves being the peacekeeper and keeping everyone happy, which will eventually have consequences. The Index of Upcoming Previews 90 days FianceJibri could defend herself and make her wishes known. Fans are curious to see if the two will agree on external relations in future episodes of 90 Day Fiance.

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