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The last time we presented Serious child, the creative identity of singer and musician Alan Young, he spent time in the trees. For his latest project “talk about the weather“, he associates with Andy Ruddy as they explore a more fun and pop-centric musical itinerary. While the sound is new, the focus is still on creativity and escape from a tech-saturated world – one Alan knows this too well to have escaped a computer career to pursue music two years ago. . In the review of his latest album, Danny Neill concludes that he “… should make us think about our relationship with the natural world amidst the clutter of the electronic jungle that can monopolize our attention.” Just like he waved us all out, on their second single album ‘Turn down the music‘We are encouraged to continue our creative efforts, the song was written in response to creatives who have been told to give up their careers, inspired by the UK government’s Cyber ​​First campaign #rethinkreskillreboot. The accompanying video is not without humor from the men in black.

Andy works for the Give a Song charity, performing in front of vulnerable people in lockdown. The seemingly old-fashioned couple unite in their common sense of thoughtful storytelling, intriguing musicality, and keen sense of humor, as they investigate the things that bring generations together.

Serious child said: “While writing this album, we talked a lot about the different stages of our life and what was important to both of us. It seemed like there were so many divisions between people based on their age, but we became more interested in kindness and what brings us and each other together. We believe there is a message of hope to be found in the bonds we have forged through this project and the common ground and dialogue it has opened.

The self-composed recording was written remotely over months of weekly Zoom calls giving songwriters a creative lifeline in lockdown. It was recorded in their rooms before collaborating with Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studio to bring it all together in the studio.

Andy Ruddy said, “We challenged ourselves to think and write freely: to create universal songs that could touch our respective generations while remaining true to what we both believe. The end product is a joyful collaboration that ultimately has a fun and positive outlook.

With Alan and Andy on vocals and many instruments, they are joined by the producer Chris Pepper on bass, drums, percussions, keyboards, harmonium, dulcitone, ukulele and acoustic guitar, Kirsty McGee on flute and backing vocals, Jamie Francois on the banjo and Pete harvey on the cello.

Serious child and Andy Ruddy will embark on a 10-day album tour in September, to locations in London, Glasgow, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Edinburgh and their respective hometowns.

talk about the weather will be available on CD and vinyl and available for download and streaming on all major platforms at Friday, September 3. Pre-orders available now on


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