Wait what? UK gardener sets world record by growing 839 tomatoes from a single stalk


While reading about setting world records, we’ve all come across news like people eating huge foods in a minute or growing the heaviest or biggest vegetable in their gardens. But have you ever heard of someone producing a large number of tomatoes from a single stalk ?! If not, let us tell you. Recently a British gardener named Douglas Smith from Stanstead Abbotts, England harvested a total of 839 tomatoes from a single stalk and is now waiting to set a new world record.

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Previously, this record was held by Graham Tanter. He set a record in 2010 growing 448 tomatoes on a single stalk. Now Douglas has broken the previous record by growing twice as many tomatoes. Tweeting about the same, Douglas wrote on his post “So today I attempted a Guinness World Record attempt for“ most tomatoes on one farm / stalk. ”Today we counted 839 tomatoes against a current WR of 488 !! Awaiting Guinness verification in due course. ” Looked:

Douglas, an IT professional, is said to have grown the tomatoes directly from the seed and spent almost three to four hours a week there to set the world record. He started growing tomatoes in March and kept the plant in the greenhouse.

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In 2020, Douglas Smith also made headlines for growing the world’s largest tomato. The Gardner spent over two months meticulously producing a huge tomato, which was actually six regular Beefsteak tomatoes (the largest variety of tomatoes grown) merged into one. The massive fruit was held in place with a pair of pantyhose so that it did not fall off the stem. The tomato weighed 6.85 pounds (3.1 kg) and measured 27.5 inches in circumference.

As Douglas sets new records with his tomatoes every year, what do you think he’ll come to his garden next ?!


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