Time Bandits drummer uses stop to write and record “Aspiration Flame”


FAIRFIELD – Time Bandits drummer Darrell Lee Echols Sr. has stepped out from behind the skins to write a new song that will soon enter the band’s rotation.

Echols wrote “Aspiration Flame” during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

“My brother Vic introduced me to the amazing world of DAW (digital audio workstation recording),” Echols explained in an email.

“So I did everything to record my musical ideas with so much free time at home. The Time Bandits and my side group, The BlackRock Project, were on indefinite hold at the time and I needed a creative outlet, ”he wrote. “During this time, I noticed that a lot of people I knew were moving to other states for some reason.

Echols wrote a “high volume” of completed songs and tons of “stems and pieces” of music, he wrote.

He made a full CD, “Pull For Love”, 15 years ago that he plans to revisit and remaster.

Echols describes his writing process as fairly straightforward.

“I first create the music in my home recording studio setup by first setting the tempo of the musical idea, as a multi-instrumentalist ‘at home’,” he said. writing. “I will add one instrument at a time (bass guitar, keyboards, brass arrangements, etc.). No plug-ins or other pre-recorded elements.

Everything he records is meant to be played with real musicians, he wrote.

Echols then gets some words of departure and goes on a trip to say what he wants.

The Time Bandits got involved in “Aspiration Flame” with Echols and his comrade Jeff Curtis exchanging waveform audio files.

“I sent him my original draft idea for the song before I got lyrics and he added ‘Santana-influenced’ piano and lead guitar to his own DAW at home,” Echols wrote. “Last April the band got interested in song and band member / saxophonist Wayne Gross re-harmonized my original horn arrangements and transcribed them for the horns of The Time Bandits.”

The song’s Latin rock influence comes from Echols who grew up in North Bay listening to bands such as Santana and Malo. His love of horn bands such as Tower of Power, Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears played a role.

“We in Fairfield / Solano County have a very rich musical history of local horn groups,” Echols wrote.

Hearing The Time Bandits play “Aspiration Flame” during rehearsal was blissful.

The band takes rehearsal time seriously.

“Love it,” Echols wrote. “Sitting at the drum chair in our rehearsal space, it was and is a total joy to watch everyone there with attention to detail for not just my song and all of our songs.”

Echols helped found the group in 1995 and has many fun memories including local waterfront concerts in Suisun, Vacaville Creekwalk, and Fiesta Days.

The Time Bandits opened twice for Con Fuk Shun and for War.

“Many miles of memories,” he wrote. “But for me the best memories are when the band, as a whole, plays together and turns 100%. No better feeling. . . with many more great moments to come.

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