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Adele’s “I’m Drinking Wine” was originally 15 minutes long.

The track ’30’, the sequel to 2015’s Grammy-winning ’25’, comes in at just over six minutes, but hitmaker ‘Hello’ revealed that it was actually much longer and its length. record company told him that would not be the case. be played on the radio.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, she said: “[The label] was like, ‘Look, everyone loves you, but nobody plays a 15 minute song on the radio.’ “

The deeply personal collection documents her heartbreaking divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki – with whom she has nine-year-old son Angelo – as well as the struggle against motherhood and fame.

The 12 tracks feature the acclaimed lead single, “Easy On Me,” and see the star sway between blues, soul and pure pop ballad.

Three bonus songs are available on an exclusive Target ’30’ edition.

They are “Wild Wild West”, “Can’t Be Together” and a duet of “Easy On Me” with country superstar Chris Stapleton.

Ahead of the record’s release, the “When We Were Young” hitmaker responded to those who told her she should “shake up” her internet sound – and vowed never to change.

She said, “When the ‘Easy On Me’ clip came out, I log in for, like, five seconds just to make sure the label released it and I see these comments… Not a lot, and that. are normally huge fans of other artists, saying, ‘Oh, when is she going to rock her sound?’ Why should I shake my sound? No one else makes my sound, so why would I change it?

“But I think what happened is [since] I signed until the release of my last album [ ’25’ in 2015], the way the industry has completely changed.

“There was still a recording industry.

“There were still record companies, there were still A&R when I last released an album. What I was doing, and what I was doing, was encouraged. There was a security around it. .

“I think now there are about 300,000 songs a week! Everyone is afraid that time will run out.

“Their team encourages them to do everything now, now, now, just to stand out.

“No one ever told me to do that, I sure wouldn’t if I was told.”


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