The man accused of killing Jam Master Jay was also suspected of killing Tupac Shakur associate Stretch in 1995


Run DMCthe third member of the group, DJ Jam Master Jay, was killed 20 years ago in the neighborhood of his hometown. According to a report by Vlad TVone of the two men accused of killing the popular hip-hop entertainer was previously suspected of killing Randy “Stretch” walker back in 1995.

Jam Master Jay was shot and killed at his recording studio in Jamaica, Queens in October 2002. Rumor has it the DJ knew his killers and the lack of cooperation from others in the studio that night led to hampered the investigation.

Karl Jordan36, is accused of shooting Jay (born Jason William Mizell) in his recording studio. Ronald “Tinard” Washington, 56, is accused of orchestrating the hit on Mizell after he was allegedly kicked out of a cocaine deal. Although not on death row, Jordan and Washington face life imprisonment if convicted.

Prosecutors said they have three eyewitnesses who can testify that Washington was also involved in another murder. In 1995, Stretch, member of Live Squad, the hip-hop group signed to Tommy Boy Records, was killed in a drive-by shooting. Stretching was associated with Tupac Shakur and was killed on November 30, exactly one year after the day Shakur died.

All three witnesses could testify that Washington was the man who shot and killed Stretch during a drive-by aimed at killing Stretch’s brother, Christopher “Majesty” Walker. Despite the rumors that circulated then and which resurfaced years later, Washington was never charged. Prosecutors raised the charge when they argued for a long prison sentence for Washington in 2007 in a federal robbery case, but the judge declined to consider it.

Court records show the trial is set to begin in February 2023.

Washington and Jordan were charged in August 2020 after an informant presented critical evidence regarding the 18-year-old’s case, New York Daily News reports. They are accused of breaking into Jay’s studio on October 30, 2002, ordering people to the ground at gunpoint before killing the 37-year-old hip-hop pioneer.

The case went cold for nearly 20 years before Washington and Jordan were arrested. In June, an attorney for one of the suspects sought former grand jury testimony from an eyewitness who said Washington pointed a gun at her during the shooting.

“Law enforcement officials informed Mr. Washington – including during an interview on April 16, 2019 – that Lydia High had positively identified him as having held her at gunpoint in the studio during the murder of Jason Mizell,” the attorney wrote. Ezra Spike.


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