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Whether you are a podcaster, YouTuber, chamber music producer, filmmaker, or professional musician, chances are you want a microphone stand that is durable, easy to install, and affordable. Microphone stands are also great for office environments, especially if you have large meetings or town hall style gatherings.

The Blue Compass Premium Microphone Boom Arm is the perfect option for broadcasters and DJs who want an easy way to mount their microphones at desk height. Either way, there is a microphone stand to meet your needs.

What to know before buying a microphone stand

Microphone stands vary in size, from folding table stands to adjustable and extendable tripod stands. Most microphone stands can be adjusted by hand without the use of tools. Check out the BestReviews buying guide for a variety of microphone stand types and sizes.

Microphone clips and adapters

Whether you want to attach a microphone to an actor or mount it on top of a piano for a recording session, there are many different clips and adapters available to fit your microphone stand. Some have a storage option for picks and some have an attachment to use your smartphone or tablet as a recording device.

Live sound vs recording studio apps

Most microphone stands for live sound, such as theater or concerts, are bendable and durable. They are sometimes carried in a large flight case and need to be moved and adjusted quickly, so the most common type is a tripod style with a detachable boom.

Some microphone stands have a simpler design with a weighted base and are intended for recording vocals. The stand itself adjusts vertically to the singer’s height, but the microphone is mounted with a threaded clip so the singer can stand closer to the microphone without a boom getting in the way.

Microphone stands for recording studios tend to come in a wider variety of heights and designs, such as short stands for miking a bass drum or guitar amp or for recording of a seated musician playing a smaller instrument such as the violin or flute. For a less conventional microphone placement, the recording engineer can use an adjustable arm or clamp to get closer to the instrument.

Microphone stand specifications

The boom arm attaches to the main part of the microphone stand. The height and angle can be adjusted to allow the most stable and efficient microphone placement. The boom can be removable so that the microphone stand can be converted to a right stand.

The microphone stand base can fold up into a tripod, or it can be a heavier round metal base, similar to the base of a floor lamp.

Microphone stand materials

Microphone stands are typically made from steel tubing (usually chrome plated) and are more typically coated in black so that they blend into the stage or set and don’t catch any reflections from the lights. Some high-end microphone stands are made of carbon fiber, a material that is lighter and stronger than steel.

Microphone stands cost between $ 13 and $ 500, with the highest price range being professional grade live sound equipment or extremely lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

How do I attach my tablet to my microphone stand?

A. There are many types of brackets and brackets available that can hold your tablet in place with an adjustable clamp and then attach to the bracket. Some microphone stands include a tablet holder.

Can I turn a full-size microphone stand into a table stand?

A. Most full-size microphone stands, even when fully folded up, are usually slightly higher than the height of the table. However, if you have a gooseneck mount or a flexible boom, you may be able to use it to hang the microphone above the table or desk.

Which microphone stand should I get?

The best of the best microphone stand

Blue Compass Premium microphone boom arm: available on Amazon

Our opinion : This low profile, simple microphone arm mounts to the edge of a table or desk, is adjustable by hand, and is compatible with all standard microphone shock mounts.

What we like: Cables can be stored inside for easy management. The stand can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The maximum reach is 32 inches.

What we don’t like: Some users find the cable setup difficult. Some users find that the adjustable tension screw slips even when fully tightened, causing the microphone to slip.

Best value for money on microphone stand

AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Holder: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : This simple and affordable microphone stand features clips to keep cables out of the way and an easily adjustable counterbalanced boom arm.

What we like: It is compatible with 3/8 and 5/8 inch adapters. It’s light at just 3.31 pounds.

What we don’t like: The boom arm cannot be removed. Some users find that the boom setting is not suitable for heavier microphones.

Honorable mention microphone stand

Support for iPad and Pyle multimedia microphone: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This versatile microphone stand includes an iPad stand and an adjustable boom extension.

What we like: The iPad holder can be mounted on the boom arm and rotated to multiple angles. The rubber feet make the microphone stand very sturdy.

What we don’t like: The iPad stand does not fit all iPad models. With some heavier microphones, the boom sags slightly.

Honorable mention microphone stand

Samson SAMD2 microphone stand: available on Amazon

Our opinion : This compact and easily adjustable table microphone stand is compatible with any standard microphone.

What we like: It has a weighted base. The telescopic arm goes up to 8 inches in height.

What we don’t like: It only fits small microphones in tight spots, which makes it somewhat limited in the studio.

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