The 2nd World “@Beautiful Zhejiang” Short Video Competition Discover the Beauty of Zhejiang Through Your Eyes


HANGZHOU, China, December 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The 2sd The “@Beautiful Zhejiang” Global Short Video Competition is sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Government Information Office and the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, and organized by Zhejiang international channel (ZTV WORLD) of the Zhejiang Radio & TV group. It has been held twice since 2020. Last year, the global “Beautiful Zhejiang” short video competition caught the world’s attention. The interactive exhibition of excellent works covered 230 countries and regions on five continents, and the audience and total number of page views reached 100 million. This year, the competition has resumed with the expectation of people.

The 2nd global “@Beautiful Zhejiang” short video competition is international, open and cooperative, and has garnered more social attention than the previous one since its inception. This competition attracts participants from all walks of life, including individuals and teams, short video experts, universities, media companies and public institutions. After seven days of online voting, the total number of votes received is 1,413,845 and the number of clicks is 8,688,245, both records. The participants are 3 times more numerous than those of last year.

This year the competition received more than 800 exceptional works by China and abroad, and the newly added special topics have also become hot topics. Special works of “Memories of 100 years in my eyes“brings us to feel the pulse of the Party’s hundred-year-old history and to touch the vivid texture of the evolution of the time. In the special works of”The most beautiful foreign experiences“, we can see international students and foreigners from France, Argentina, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Morocco, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Cuba, the UK and other places that go deep into various remote places and see different landscapes, show the lands beneath their feet, worlds to their eyes and the expectations of their hearts.

Now, after completing the collection of works and online voting, the competition has entered the expert review phase. Nine seasoned professionals from China and abroad have been invited to be part of the professional jury, which will score online and assess offline to ensure the quality of the excellent work in the competition.

Which works will win the competition and show the beauty of China to the public from all over the world in the world exhibition? Let’s wait and see!

SOURCE Zhejiang Radio and Television Group


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