Team Dresch – “St. Ides Heaven” (Cover by Elliott Smith)


’90s queercore greats Team Dresch reissued their entire catalog and shared their first new song in nearly two decades in 2019. And today they’re back with a new cover of the track from Elliott Smith from 1995 “St. Ides Heaven” for Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars), the 30th anniversary series of singles from revered Pacific Northwest indie label Kill Rock Stars. In a statement, Team Dresch states:

We can’t imagine a world without this label. Nothing would be the same if Kill Rock Stars hadn’t seen the light of day in 1991, in the hands of Slim Moon and Tinuviel Sampson, giving control, license and fair separations to their bands, and unleashing a revolutionary raw punk beauty in the world. Political movements spoke through the platform and a whole era of music was created. This life has never ceased to give birth to artists of phenomenal genius. We got to know and perform with Elliott on the ’90s stage in Portland, Oregon. We were all heartbroken like everyone else because of his death, and as is always the case with a songwriter whose songs have such haunting depth, his music is his living spirit.

We decided to cover “St. Ides Heaven” because it’s one of our favorite songs. The harmonies between Elliott and Rebecca Gates push and pull you to the guts and the elegance of the melodies melts you in the musical void. We put our own team sound into it, while trying to maintain the integrity of the original composition. The song was recorded by the brilliant Adam Selzer in Portland, Oregon, mixed by the divine ear of longtime collaborator John Goodmanson, and not possible without Rob Jones. [of Jealous Butcher Records and Kill Rock Stars] at the bar. St. Ides Heaven is an absolutely beautiful song, we feel honored to have been invited to record it, and lucky as hell to be a part of the Kill Rock Stars 30th anniversary celebration!

Listen below.


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