Sony will release a documentary based on the label’s debut project The Ikonics. Soon to be released under the Sony Film umbrella. Eleven takes us to Atlanta, Georgia to film the recording process for Chloe Cartel and Pretty Lyon. Inspired by Jay Z’s fade-to-black documentary and Ryan Leslie’s in-studio YouTube videos, Eleven shows us the true struggle of one man leading an all-female label, artist and staff included. For example, he has heated conversations with other labels championing the ladies, but the climax is when he rents a hotel room and uses it as a recording studio. “The goal is to make money, not spend money, but still have that sound quality to compete with the big discs” Artist Chloe Cartel and Pretty Lyon express what they think of the hotel room taping where Lyon shows why she’s a seasoned vet by telling Eleven in the documentary, “I thought we were gonna tap in the bathroom” while Chloe Cartel claims “I need being in the studio I can’t concentrate”, and Eleven Response “They made a whole movie about a rapper recording his project in a room, it’s called HUSTLE & FLOW” The documentary goes behind the scenes staff. Such as Cream Puff, Izza and Ashley Nyx. The camera also catches Eleven explaining to Chloe and pretty Lyon how they are late for the album, features and soundtracks. Pretty Lyon spits fierce bars for an upcoming HBO show called “Cocaine”, where she stops to ask the director if he’s ever used cocaine before. Chloe Cartel rhymes for the camera and talks about her real life outside of music. Eleven and Chloe Cartel show off their charismatic personalities and charisma. As he says “you’ll never get rich working for someone else”, but Eleven shares her wisdom with the two talented women, tells funny stories and sometimes acts as a referee to put everyone on their toes. the same wavelength. The documentary is directed by Eleven’s longtime mentor and friend, the legendary Mazio (Akon, French Montana, cee lo Green to name a few). It’s a brilliant idea to catch such humble beginnings compared to the instant successes we see today.

Sony is already preparing for the screenings and deciding which streaming platforms will host the IKONs. This documentary will make you laugh but above all will inspire you. A release date has not been determined. We will keep you posted


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