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Royals ‘worth it’, says Charlotte Pickles

The official annual expenditure of the British Royal Family has increased by 53% over the past four years. Official documents released on June 30 show the company spent £102.4m in the last financial year, a 17% increase on the previous year.

Some £86.6m was funded by the British taxpayer through the Sovereign Grant, which supports official functions and upkeep of royal residences.

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The Royal Family says this year’s £86.3million Sovereign Grant is equivalent to £1.29 per person in the UK.

In response to the latest figures, conducted a series of polls from Friday July 1 at 1 p.m. to Thursday July 7 at noon, asking readers for their views on the funding of the Royal Family.

First, asked: “Do you think the British monarchy is too expensive?”

A total of 16,995 people answered this question, with the majority, 66% (10,988 people), answering “no”, the British monarchy is not too expensive.

Meanwhile, 33% (5,534 people) said ‘yes’, while only 3% (473 people) said they didn’t know anyway.

Royal family ‘worth every penny’ of UK taxpayers’ money (Image: Getty)

The Royals spent £4.5m on travel and £63.9m on property upkeep last year.

Salaries for full-time staff totaled £23.7 million and housekeeping and hospitality costs increased by 55%.

A senior royal source told the Press Association that the royal family was considering how to be “innovative” in cutting consumption given environmental factors and the cost of living.

Then asked: ‘Should the taxpayer-funded royal budget be cut?’

Overall, 16,947 people responded to this question, of which 57% (9,596 people) answered “no”, taxpayer funding for the firm should not be reduced.

Additionally, 37% (6,347 people) said “yes,” and a further 6% (1,003 people) said they didn’t know.

Royal family

Each year the Royal Family costs just £1.29 per person in the UK (Image: Getty)

The chief executive of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, Graham Smith, said: ‘As always, as we all face a cost of living crisis and continued pressure on public services, the Royal Family is on the move again with hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money. .

“We have to put the monarchy on a proper budgetary basis, like any other public body. We must reduce this budget to less than £10m and only fund what is necessary for the Head of State’s duties.

Then asked: ‘Are the Royals getting what they pay for?’

A total of 16,999 people voted with the majority, 69% (11,675 people) answered ‘yes’, the Royal Family is good value for money.

A further 27% (4,616 people) answered ‘no’ while 4% (708 people) answered they didn’t know.


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How the Crown Estate Works

How the Crown Estate Works (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told BBC Breakfast last week that the royal family is crucial from a “ceremonial point of view”.

He explained: “There is nothing else to compare, apart from other royal families around the world, I think there are 27 in all. If you look at the profile of ours, you have no equal.

In the hundreds of comments below the accompanying article, readers shared their thoughts on the value and cost of the Royal Family.

Many were in favor of the Royal Family cost with one reader, username STANB, commenting that they are worth every penny.

Another reader, username Brian at Home, said: ‘The Royal Family costs the taxpayer less than two pounds per head per year. I would say it is good value for money. »

And username Rexus said: ‘While the Royal Family brings over £1billion in annual profits to the country, it’s a bargain.’

However, some readers have argued that amid the cost of living crisis facing Britain, the company’s expenses are too high.

Username WeeIain said: “Nowadays it’s ridiculous. It’s not healthy for the country.

And username uncle.mal wrote, “Definitely way overpriced for what they do or do.”


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