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Owen Wilson was back in business with Pixar, in a skit tonight on SNL, which saw him seek to reprise his hero role as Lightning McQueen in a fourth Cars movie.

As the sketch begins, Wilson arrives at the studio, only to be greeted by two anonymous studio directors played by Mikey Day and Punkie Johnson.

“There he is, Owen freaking out Wilson.” Bring him inside! “Day’s character said.” Dude, by the way, Loki? You crushed him man. Haven’t seen it yet, but heard it was amazing.

Wilson, who plays Agent Mobius in Marvel’s Disney + series Loki, notes that he was surprised when he first heard Cars 4 was under construction.

“Yes, Pixar is pretty quiet. I haven’t even seen a full script yet. They just send out little bits of dialogue, so the animators can start working, ”Day’s character explains. “So that’s what we’re going to record today.”

“Great. Alright, I’m going to jump in the cabin. Hey, kachow, right?” Wilson said.

“There he is. Kachow!” The studio employee replied.

When Wilson starts reading lines, he finds them to be pretty standard – “Radiator Springs, here I am!” be a.

Over time, however, the lines he is about to record become more and more inappropriate. “Back off, asshole. I wasn’t looking at your wife! he said as McQueen. “Calm down, asshole. I didn’t touch your daughter. She was attacking me!

Eventually, Wilson stops recording to ask questions about the plot of this upcoming family movie. “You know, again, I haven’t seen a full script,” Day says, “but do you want to continue? “

Unfortunately, the offending lines only continue from there. “Grow up, man; your sister certainly did, ”says McQueen. “So what college are you girls going to?” Oh you are in high school? I could have been wrong!

After reading a line in which Lighting bemoans a “witch hunt” keeping him out of the Piston Cup, following a “bad date”, the actor starts asking questions again.

“Wait, guys. Is he in court? he said, to which Day said, “Yeah, uh, what is it, O?”

“Well, I think Lightning McQueen is the bad guy in all of this,” says Wilson. “It’s just like there’s a lot of him crawling on girl’s cars and then arguing with their fathers and husbands and stuff, and that’s a real departure for the character.”

Once again, Day’s character sidesteps Wilson’s concerns. But this time, he brings in Larry the Cable Guy (played by new actor James Austin Johnson) to read the lines in front of his Cars co-starring.

“Woohoo, you are my best friend, Lightning! Larry said. “That’s why I got so upset when I heard you called me the R word.”

Wilson ultimately decides to withdraw from the project, given how offensive he is. That is, until he showed how much money he would make if he stayed on board.

“Well, come on. This thing is not going to register,»He said, in a fast about-face. “Kachow! “

Watch the sketch above.


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