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Prince Charles Stuart – better known by his nickname Bonnie Prince Charlie – made an unexpected return to Outlander with a flashback that saw the failed monarch flee Scotland after the disastrous Battle of Culloden. In a surreal but historically accurate scene, the future King of Scotland fled dressed as a woman in a boat.

He first appeared in the second season of Outlander when Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and his wife Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) traveled to Paris to infiltrate the French court and change the course of history for prevent the Battle of Culloden.

Despite their best efforts, the prince would not be transformed and planned to reclaim his birthright, with the result proving devastating to Scotland.

The character was last seen in the 2017 episode The Battle Joined as the dead mounted the Culloden battlefield after Jamie’s repeated warnings the men were exhausted and the fight against the English would not be just.

Speaking of coming back after so long, Gower, 32, said: “Wow, how many years? I think it was season three, [it] it was six, seven years ago, maybe even longer.

“It’s so crazy because the fanbase of Outlander is so strong and so committed, I feel like I never left because they’ve been supportive of everything I’ve done since then.”

The Liverpudlian actor said he’s “always in touch” with the majority of the cast and sees each other from time to time at various Outlander events.

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He said: ‘It was so nice to be able to finish this whole trip and because myself and Sam Heughan, some of the actors, had always talked about Bonnie Prince Charlie’s trip, how he dressed up as Betty Burke and had left Scotland. It was really special to be back. Weird to come back to a character after so long.

Gower continued, “The amazing thing about being an actor is that the older we get, we change and are influenced by different things. So I think Bonnie Prince Charlie has definitely aged a bit in the Scottish countryside.

As to whether fans might see more of Bonnie Prince Charlie in season seven, Gower said he wasn’t sure because he hadn’t read the latest books in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series.

In addition to his small appearance in Outlander, Gower will also appear in season four of the Netflix thriller You face Penn Badgley, who moved from America to London this time.

He’ll also reprise his role in Amazon Prime Video’s fantasy epic Carnival Row as Ezra Spurnrose.

Alongside his thriving acting career, Gower is a talented musician and impressive singer who performs under the name of his band Gustaffson.

He will soon release his first EP The Jacaranda, a tribute to the famous Liverpool concert hall of the same name.

The Jacaranda was produced by Elbow’s Guy Garvey after Gower worked with bandmate Craig Potter on the independent film Running Naked.

Gower said, “I’ve always been writing music since I was 16. I was in bands in Liverpool. I have done the Cave several times.

Gower said he wanted to “try to tell different stories” and “present those stories in different ways”, drawing inspiration from different places.

Compared to acting, where he would film something that would then come out a year later, Gower said he worked on the EP from start to finish.

“It was for me the first really special time in that I was able to participate in a project from start to finish and these are my words.

“It’s something that’s really…every song on this track means a lot to me. It’s really nice to have something that I come up with that’s a bit of myself,” he said.

The Jacaranda will be launched on August 20

Outlander Season 7 is in production and Season 6 is streaming on STARZPLAY now


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