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Clemson, SC (AP) – Will Shipley made two touchdowns, with Clemson, sixth, on the goal line in the dying seconds of a 14-8 victory over the Georgia Institute of Technology on Saturday night.

The Yellow Jacket (1-2, 0-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) had the chance to work overtime after recovering from a side kick at 1:19. However, in the dying seconds he was out of the end zone with four Clemson 2 games. Finally, linebacker James Skullski tackled Dylande Venny in less than a yard.

However, the turmoil continued when Shipley was tackled after Clemson (2-1, 1-0) attempted to run out of watches in the end zone and failed and recovered for safety with seven seconds remaining.

The Tigers kicked the ball and Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates’ final three seconds of the final ditch pitch was deemed an incomplete forward pass, ending the game.

The game was delayed almost two hours just before half-time due to the threat of lightning around Memorial Stadium.

Clemson was backed by nearly four touchdowns and beat the Yellow Vest 73-7 ahead of the season. But this time around, Clemson and quarterback DJ Wiagareley failed to launch their second offense in three games.

Clemson was held at 180 yards two weeks ago with a 10-3 loss to Second Georgia. The Georgia Institute of Technology limited Clemson to 207 yards in the first three quarters, which continuously crafted a third save.

Shipley started things off in the first quarter with a three-yard touchdown rush. But it was an attack until a very late point in the game. Shipley’s three-meter bull run then rushed into the end zone, and many remaining fans who returned late expired.

Clemson’s defense has played at the championship level so far. The group has yet to score a TD, keeping the top three opponents out of a total of four field goals. Georgia’s touchdown in Game 1 came on Pick 6’s interception.

Yeats led his team to Clemson’s 5 at the end of both halves. The yellow jacket left a basket every time. He finished 20 of 33 at 203 yards.

It’s clear that Clemson doesn’t have the same attacking pace the last three years led by a pair of quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence and NFL first round Travis Etienne.

This season’s fight wasn’t expected by Wiagarei, and he was talking about the prospect of running like Shipley and the pace of second-year Kobe.

The Tigers did not register an opening touchdown against Georgia. There, Wiagarei was sacked seven times and missed several passes.

Things are going well when Clemson recorded a touchdown with four opening possessions in a 49-3 explosion in South Carolina (Uiagalelei ran with two touchdowns and pitched with a third touchdown). I am on the right track.

However, the Tigers did nothing with the points awarded in less than 20 games against the Georgia Institute of Technology defense, which was ranked 9th in the ACC.

To take with

Georgia Institute of Technology: Yellow Jacket certainly came with confidence after playing Clemson head-to-head, despite losing to the Tigers seven times in a row. They are unlikely to consider another deeply talented defense in ACC.

Clemson: The Tigers are positive if they want to make it to the college football playoffs with seven straight ACC titles. Their defense is up to the championship. The attack is not, and Uiagalelei and attack coordinator Tony Elliott need to find answers quickly.

Impact on surveys

Expect Clemson to slip into a new ranking when playing against the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Tigers, who entered season three, may not be in the top ten.


Georgia Institute of Technology: hosts North Carolina on Saturday night.

Clemson: Saturday in North Carolina.


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No.6 Clemson uses goal line to thwart Georgia Institute of Technology | WGN 720 radio

Source Link No.6 Clemson uses goal-line support to thwart Georgia Institute of Technology | WGN 720 radio


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