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Nicola Sturgeon, 51, faces new calls to launch a coronavirus investigation after Scotland recorded 23,370 deaths in the winter of 2021/21. Data from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) includes 4,330 so-called “extra” deaths and adds that COVID-19 was the underlying cause of nearly two in three of those deaths.

The number of deaths from dementia and coronary heart disease has also increased this winter.

Pete Whitehouse, director of statistical services at the NRS, said: “These figures again show the significant impact Covid-19 had on Scotland last winter.

“Compared to the average of the previous five winters, winter 2020/21 saw a 10% higher level of mortality, with the majority of additional deaths being due to Covid-19.”

The data was released shortly after the Commons Special Committees on Health and Science produced a joint report which highlighted the mistakes the UK government has made since the coronavirus reached UK shores.

But Scottish Labor pointed out how the Prime Minister’s government repeated many of these “damning mistakes” north of the border.

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Scottish Labor Party spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said: “Nicola Sturgeon ignored the same warnings as British ministers and with the same tragic result.”

Dumbarton’s MSP added: ‘At crucial times in the pandemic, the UK and Scottish governments were in tune – acting too slowly in response to danger and failing to warn the public of the risk.

“But while England will benefit from the conclusions of this strong and detailed report, Scotland has been denied its own conclusions.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: ‘Although this report focuses on the actions of the UK government, we will carefully consider its findings as we continue to respond to the impact of the pandemic in Scotland.

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The report also suggests that the UK should have applied tighter border controls when cases started to appear in China, Iran, South Korea and Italy.

But Britain’s vaccine deployment program was praised in the joint report.

“Globally, this is one of the most amazing achievements in history,” MEPs said.


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