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For the first time in recorded history, temperatures in the UK broke the 40C barrier on July 19. An impressive 40.3C was reached in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, and 33 other points across the UK exceeded the previous highest temperature of 38.7C.

But heatwave status could return to the UK this week, according to Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill.

He warned that temperatures “will rise” once more as the week progresses, with the UK facing a new “heat wave”.

But, to the relief of many Britons, he said the next heat wave would not be “as extreme” as last week’s record high temperatures.

He told The Times: “Temperatures are going to rise as we go through the end of this week and into the weekend ahead.

“A heat wave at the end of this week or this coming weekend is certainly possible, but we cannot say for sure how hot it will be.

“Although it will be a heat wave, it will not be as extreme as what has already happened last week.”

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, painted a similar picture, telling that there “is going to be another spell of warm weather this week, but nothing like we’ve seen at beginning of last week”.

He added: “Instead, we are expecting spells of pleasant summer weather with temperatures reaching 20C, although still above average for the time of year.

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Mike Kendon of the Weather Service described how incredibly unusual it is for maximum temperature records to be broken by such a margin.

He said: “Temperatures on July 18 were exceptional but rose by 2-4C on July 19, making this date unprecedented in the context of long-term climate records.

“Particularly remarkable is how much more widespread the heat of this event was than the two previous occurrences of temperatures above 38C in the UK.

“Temperature records tend to be broken by modest amounts and by just a few stations, but the recent heat has broken the national record by 1.6C and across a wide area of ​​the country, from Kent to North Yorkshire and the Suffolk in Warwickshire.

“Even if you take into account the temperatures seen in the summer of 1976, they did not reach the levels seen this week, although it was a much more prolonged period of hot and dry weather.”

As we approach next month, “warm spells” will likely still feature in the forecast, according to Burkill.

He added: “In August it looks like the weather will be pretty standard, there will be some periods of unstable weather, but there will also be some more stable and warm periods.”


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