LEFT HAND SOLUTION Releases Studio Nevo’s “For The Hallowed Blood” video


Swedish doomsters, Left Hand Solution, have released a new video for “For The Hallowed Blood” by Studio Nevo. Take a look below.

Drummer and songwriter Erik Barthold comments on the song and the production of the new video: “The video was shot at Nevo Studios, our favorite recording studio and longtime Left Hand Solution collaborator. Our Light Shines Black album was recorded 20 years ago. there is, and ever since, this studio has a special place in our hearts. Always a great vibe to record there and that’s what we wanted to show with the video.

“For The Hallowed Blood, it’s about being truly devoted to someone and experiencing the loss of that someone. It also flirts with religious ceremonies and vampires, with blood being a symbol of eternal life and of love, the salvation of being loved.

Left Hand Solution had earlier revealed a music video for the song “Jolene” from their upcoming album, Dead Of Winter. It was also the band’s first music video in a very long time which was shot at the Sundsvalls Teater in Sweden. What made Left Hand Solution always special was their combination of harsh riffs, dark melodies and the dark, gorgeous voice of Mariana Frykman. Being one of the first metal bands with a female singer, their influence has been largely overlooked and their cult has grown a lot in recent times.


Mariana Frykman – Voice
Joakim MÃ¥rdstam – Guitar
Peter Selin – Bass
Erik Barthold – Drums and backing vocals


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