LeBron James and Adele Go to Viral Dominican Dembow Dance


Looks like Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and Grammy Award-winning singer Adele were the life of the party this weekend.

The two were spotted on the dance floor at the wedding of James’ teammate Anthony Davis dancing to Dominican dembow, a fast-paced genre that is growing in popularity and is increasingly accepted on the country’s music scene. This music set at the wedding is not surprising as Davis’ new wife Marlene P is Dominican-American. As for Adele being present, she is currently in a relationship with Rich Paul, James and Davis’ agent.

DJ Dito Bernard kept the energy going at the reception where James, Adele and the rest of the guests danced to several Dominican tracks, including “El Juidero” by rappers Chimbala and Bulin 47.

The video of everyone dancing went viral over the weekend as most internet users seemed in awe that such celebrities were dancing in a genre that is still in its infancy.

Many are excited about the exposure this moment gives to dembow, with stars like James and Adele participating in the dances without hesitation. Dominican dembow lovers have eagerly watched the subgenre reach new heights with the growing fame of El Alfa, and rappers like Rochy RD and Kiko el Crazy “walk through” and gain recognition from figures like Barack Obama.

Most Dominicans were proud that their culture and music received so much attention. Rochy RD, Kiko El Crazy and other dembow artists do the hard work in the recording studio, and this is a defining moment to secure the love of an NBA champion and renowned musical artist. global.

We can’t ignore the fact that Adele was doing these dance moves wearing a custom Schiaparelli haute couture dress designed by Daniel Roseberry. She hasn’t even spilled a drop of her white wine. Now this is what we call a bueno flow.


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