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Beijing – China has reported 62 more cases of COVID-19, despite the number of fully vaccinated Chinese citizens surpassing one billion.

The National Health Commission said on Friday that a recent outbreak of delta mutations in China had detected all but one of the cases on the east coast of Fujian Province in the past 24 hours.

Of these, 31 were in the main port city of Xiamen, the remaining 28 were in Putian and one in Quanzhou.

It was the day after the announcement by health authorities that more than a billion Chinese, or 72% of the 1.4 billion citizens of the most populous country in the world, were fully vaccinated. The National Health Commission indicates that 2.16 billion doses have been administered.

Nearly 300 incidents have been detected in Fujian over the past week, and authorities have been urged to blockade affected neighborhoods, close schools and entertainment venues, and restrict out-of-state travel.

China has significantly halted the spread by imposing restrictions and mass testing every time a new case is discovered. Additionally, entry is restricted and anyone arriving at the hotel must self-quarantine for at least two weeks.

However, the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines has been questioned, and it is not known how many newly infected people have received the vaccines.

In China, a total of 4,636 of the 95,577 COVID-19 have died, and 916 are currently being treated for the disease.


Pandemic Details:

– Florida surpasses 50,000 COVID deaths after Delta wave fight

– UN rules may be an obstacle for Bolsonaro, who is skeptical of Brazilian vaccines

– COVID-19 outbreak forces medical rations in parts of the west

– Italian workers in the public and private sectors are obliged to provide a health subscription to access their workplace from October 15.

– Twenty Republican lawyers have warned the White House that legal action is imminent if proposed coronavirus vaccine requirements for 100 million Americans go into effect.

– New study links the COVID-19 pandemic to the ‘warning’ rise in obesity among American children and adolescents.


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What else is happening:

Canberra, Australia – Australians will soon get a third COVID-19 vaccine option, with a million Modernashots arriving in Sydney.

According to Health Minister Greg Hunt, Modana will arrive in two expeditions, Friday evening and weekend.

Australians now have access to Pfizer and AstraZeneca as authorities compete to strengthen immunity against the Delta variants established in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Pfizer is the preferred choice for many due to AstraZeneca’s low risk of blood clots.

Like Pfizer, Moderna is an mRNA vaccine. Australia has not purchased enough Pfizer to meet demand, but locally produced AstraZeneca is in surplus.

More than 70% of Australia’s population over the age of 16 has been vaccinated at least once, according to Hunt.


Seoul, South Korea-South Korea has reported more than 2,000 new cases of the coronavirus, approaching the record high on the first day of last month, and continues to rise as the country enters its biggest holiday of the year.

The 2,008 incidents reported on Friday were 1,000, despite the enforcement of the country’s strictest social distancing rules over the past decade, except for blockades in the capital Seoul and others. high population densities. It was 73 days in a row.

More than 1,500 new cases are from the Seoul area, home to more than half of the population of over 51 million, and the outbreak has grown as schools reopened and people returned of the last weeks of summer vacation.

There are concerns that the Chuseok holiday, which is the Korean version of Thanksgiving, which begins on the weekend and continues until next Wednesday, could get worse across the country. Millions of people usually travel to meet loved ones during Chuseok.

“People who are not properly vaccinated are advised not to visit their parents over the age of 60,” Deputy Health Minister Lee Kyle said in a briefing. “In the metropolitan area, transmissions continue in crowded places in limited spaces such as indoor gymnasiums, cram schools, churches, etc. Residents of the metropolitan area can be infected anytime, anywhere. You should always keep this in mind and pay special attention to it. “

___ Juneau, Alaska – Alaska epidemiologists say Alaska is experiencing “one of the fastest outbreaks” of COVID-19 in the country.

Dr Joe McLaughlin added that it is not clear when the situation will stabilize. He says it depends a lot on vaccination rates and measures such as masking and distance.

Health officials say hospitals are stressed by staffing and capacity issues. The State Department of Health reports that 20% of patients admitted to Alaska are infected with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau announced Thursday that staff must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 15 as a condition of employment.


Reno, Nevada – Nevada officials believe that if some state officials are forced to take photos of COVID-19, they can follow threats to quit their jobs.

However, they said on Thursday they expected medical facility and prison workers to follow Gov. Steve Sisolak’s orders to get vaccinated or face leave or relocation by the 1st. November.

Duein Young, the governor’s director of policy, says he is developing an emergency response plan and is closely monitoring the situation in case more people leave their jobs than expected.

He says they think there is some reduction, but at the end of the day most government workers “will step up and do the right thing.”


Seattle – Seattle and King County officials have issued health guidelines requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test to enter certain facilities and participate in large-scale outdoor events.

Seattle and King County public health officer Dr Jeff Duchin issued an order on Thursday and went into effect on October 25. ..

This ordinance applies to outdoor events of more than 500 people and to indoor facilities such as museums, theaters, gymnasiums, restaurants and bars.

This order does not affect outdoor dining, take out, grocery shopping, etc.


Jackson, Mississippi – Mississippi overtakes New Jersey as the state with the highest COVID-19 death rate in the United States, with one in 320 Mississippi infected with the coronavirus.

Supreme state health officials warned on Thursday that more deaths would occur.

“We have recently recorded a lot more than we would like, well over 2,500 (cases) per day,” said Dr Thomas Dobbs, head of public health. “Many of them will lead to tragedy.”

Since the start of the pandemic, at least 9,165 people have died from the virus in Mississippi. The state has a population of around 3 million and is one of the countries with the lowest vaccination rates in the country.

New Jersey was phased out in the spring of 2020 at the start of the pandemic, long before the vaccine was available.

Pregnant mothers were of particular concern during the Delta Variants outbreak in Mississippi, Dobbs said. According to the Department of Health, 15 pregnant women in Mississippi have died from the coronavirus during the pandemic process. Eight of these deaths occurred between July 25 and September 16.

The age range of deceased mothers ranged from 23 to 40, with a median age of 30. According to Dobbs, 60% were black. No woman has been fully vaccinated. A woman received her first injection.

As for health, “some people were overweight, but I don’t think it was that surprising, as it is in the majority of Mississippi culture,” Dobbs said.


Helena, Mon – Helena’s hospital has been forced to implement critical standard treatment amid an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients, hospital officials said on Thursday.

At St. Peter’s Health Hospital, intensive care resources are utilized to the maximum. If hospital resources are not sufficient to provide comprehensive care to all patients in the facility, crisis care standards will be applied. In these situations, caregivers may have to choose how to allocate fear-related resources such as drugs and beds.

Dr Sherry Harkins, chief medical officer of St. Peter’s Health, said the hospital constraints were worse than those seen at the start of the pandemic.

“For the first time in my career, we are at a point where all patients in need are not receiving the care we think we can give,” Harkins said. “For almost all measurements, we are in a much worse position in the winter of 2020 than at the time of the first wave.”

The intensive care unit, advanced medical units and the hospital morgue are full. The morgue stays full, so use the refrigerated truck in the hospital parking lot.

Hospitals in Utah, Idaho, Washington and Texas have contacted St. Peter’s Health to find beds for patients who cannot be treated in their home state. News broke this week when Boseman and Billings facilities said they were nearing the stage where critical standard treatments needed to be implemented.

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