James Corden’s move to the UK has fans fearing he’s the new Doctor Who


James Corden recently announced he would be leaving The Late Late Show in 2023 to return to the UK, leaving Doctor Who fans in awe.

The presenter and actor has confirmed his final installment of the US talk show will end next year as he wants to move to the UK and spend more time with his family.

Since news broke of the dramatic turnaround, many fans have been wondering what the Gavin & Stacey star will do next with a number of fans confirming he will become Doctor Who.

Stephen Colbert, James’s American talk show host, has begun to speculate that James could replace Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who when she leaves later this year.

Fans are upset that James is at the forefront of Doctor Who rumors

He tweeted, “Congratulations, James, on what will be an incredible eight years at CBS. 12:30 a.m. won’t be the same without you.

“But I look forward to your exciting adventures as the new Doctor Who!”

His tweet appears to be a joke, but has ruffled the feathers of many BBC fans.

One user said: “Please don’t be real. Read somewhere that James Corden is going to be Dr Who? Oh my god, I hope not.”

‘If James Corden becomes the next doctor I will change my position on the privatization of the BBC,’ another joked.

A third wrote: ” @JKCorden Dude, you’re not Dr Who. I really like you, but you’re not the doctor.”

However, not everyone was unhappy with the potential decision.

One wrote, “Wow congratulations James! Couldn’t think of a better person to be Dr. Who! Yeah!”

@BBCTheOneShow Wouldn’t James Corden make a fabulous Dr Who?!” tweeted another.

A third said: “I think this must be a joke. Nonetheless, Corden would be a great Dr. Who. It’s hard to imagine as he’s been doing comedy for a while, but he’s very talented and multi-faceted. , and I’m sure even if it’s a different representation, it would be fantastic.”

Fans of the long-running sci-fi show will know that James has already appeared in two episodes of the program, playing Craig Owens, a roommate of Matt Smith’s Doctor.

Russell T. Davies will return to helm as showrunner next year, and speculation over who could replace Jodie as the Doctor is through the roof as former Doctor David Tennant is the frontrunner.

It’s not the only show James is linked with returning, with some fans convinced he’ll be back for more Gavin and Stacey – after a very dramatic Christmas special in 2019.

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