India registers 12,830 new cases in last 24 hours – 10.36% lower than on Saturday


India on Sunday recorded 12,830 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of infections in the country to 3,42 73,300, according to government data. The number was 10.36% lower than Saturday’s tally of 14,313 cases.

The toll has increased from 446 to 4,58,186 in the past 24 hours, while the number of active cases in the country has declined from 2,283 to 1,59,272.

Other updates

  • Addressing the G20 summit on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India was ready to produce more than 500 crore of coronavirus vaccine doses by the end of next year. He also said it was essential for the World Health Organization to approve India’s coronavirus vaccine, Covaxin, “at the earliest.”
  • The Center wrote to the governments of Assam and West Bengal to impose appropriate behavior on Covid strictly, as both states saw a 41% weekly increase in illness cases between October 20 and October 26.
  • Minister of Education of Kerala V Sivankutty said on Saturday that more than 2,000 teachers in the state had yet to be vaccinated against Covid-19, reported Indian express. The minister said many of them cited religious faith as the reason for not getting the vaccine. Sivankutty added that these teachers will not be allowed to take physical classes in schools.

Global Updates

  • At the G20 summit in Rome, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that the UK would donate two crore doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine to developing countries, PTI reported.
  • Since Monday, Australia will allow travelers from neighboring New Zealand without a mandatory quarantine, Reuters reported. Vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents of the states of New South Wales and Victoria and the capital Canberra will also be allowed to travel abroad from Monday without having to self-quarantine upon their return.
  • The coronavirus has infected more than 24.63 crore people worldwide and caused more than 49.94 lakh in deaths since the start of the pandemic in December 2019, according to the Johns Hopkins University.


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