I-Octane responds to alleged involvement with Klansman gang leader ‘Blackman’


Dancehall artist I-Octane has been singled out by the main prosecution witness in the ongoing trial of members of the infamous Klansman gang and one of its leaders, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan.

The Klansman Gang trial continues, with a second witness taking the stand Tuesday morning and dropping a major bomb. Thirty-three (33) members of the formidable and murderous Klansman gang are on trial for a range of crimes including murder, extortion, theft and other gun-related crimes for their reign of terror in Jamaica.

The trial is ongoing and has been compared to a gripping Netflix TV show as daily bombs fall in the courtroom before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, who is presiding.

On Tuesday, a second witness called by the prosecution named I-Octane as one of the artists who rubbed shoulders with the criminals.

The second witness, who is a former member of the St. Catherine Parish gang, said that on several occasions I-Octane was accompanied to a recording studio by Chief Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan as well as other gang members, including himself.

I-Octane, real name Byiome Muir, is the first artist to be cited as being around criminals.

“More than once we have been to the studio,” the witness said and even went so far as to name the recording studio, which is located in a square near a car garage on Dunrobin Avenue on along Constant Spring Road.

Gangsters, including Bryan, were leaving their Jones Avenue headquarters with the popular DJ to tour the studio, he said. At such times, the witness said that I-Octane’s daughter would also be present in the studio while he recorded music.

At the time of disclosure, the witness identified one of the gangsters – Fabian Johnson, known as Crocs, who he said accompanied himself, Bryan and I-Octane during the studio sessions the night.

According to the witness, the leader of the One Don Bryan faction, knew “powerful” people and that the One Don Gang was also close to a few “powerful” artists.

According to the witness, he was reluctant to testify against the men for this reason as he feared that even with the gangsters locked up, their powerful allies would still be a threat.

So far, Vybz Kartel has also been named by the witness for allegedly ordering three hits. I-Octane has since responded to the reveal, but some of his fans aren’t too happy to hear the news and are ringing the bell on his IG page.

In an Instagram post today where he shared a clip from one of his songs, the dancehall singjay hinted that he was being set up. “You think a nu can set up a picnic for God,” he wrote, citing some of the song’s lyrics. “Mi ready fi death fi di poor so let’s go. On behalf of God, tell me, do it, no matter what I don’t try. Like God as my witness.


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