“I let my physical and mental health take a back seat, but not anymore”: Armaan Malik


He may have sung “almost 250 songs” over the course of his career, which began while he was still in school. Yet for singer-songwriter Armaan Malik, the excitement of recording a new song has always remained the same.

“I [Still] get excited like a child before each song release. Every time a new track comes out it’s like butterflies in my stomach and a major nervous excitement, ”he tells us.

“I remember when my first English pop song ‘Control’ came out, it was like I had just started my journey all over again. I felt like it was my very first song. [So,] When a song becomes a hit, I don’t get a different feeling, just a feeling of gratitude and love for the fans who support me unconditionally, ”adds Malik.

For the 26-year-old singer, who has been the voice behind many hits such as ‘Bol Do Na Zara’, ‘Jab Tak’ and ‘Tere Bina’, it is “crucial” for him to understand the emotion in the song. before entering the recording studio. “After recording almost 250 songs, I developed my own process of understanding the song and the feeling it is trying to convey. Once I lock it, the rest flows naturally, ”he says.

His last two songs – ‘Mujhe Pyaar Pyyar Hai’ (MPPH) from ‘Bhoot Police’ and ‘Tum Aaoge’ from ‘BellBottom’ – are both sweet songs, but with completely different emotions.

“MPPH is a romantic Bollywood number and it’s something my fans have been eagerly awaiting to hear from me. I am truly overwhelmed by the response our song has received in just 4 days since its release. recording the song, I really felt it had all the necessary ingredients to become a hit, but you can’t accurately assess the success of a song at such an early stage. over time and enjoys an enviable longevity, ”he says.

Malik believes that while “lyrics play a key role in guiding you through the world of song,” the secret lies in understanding “the basis of the emotion it conveys”.

“Tum Aaogey” struck a chord with audiences and many of my fans even messaged me on social media to let me know how the song perfectly describes their emotions of being part of military families. It’s a very moving song and it requires a certain level of maturity and depth in the delivery. For songs like these, where I need to tap into a certain emotion, I tend to adjust my studio to mimic the feeling, to help me get into the skin of the song, ”he explains. -he.

Malik, like many other musicians, has had the chance to explore the non-cinematic music space, a little more than he used to, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. But with his last two singles, Malik believes that the return of film music created its own space in the country and ultimately established a “music industry” in India, which Malik said had not existed in India. the pre-pandemic era.

“I think film and non-film music are going to coexist from now on, which is a beautiful space to be. Indian musicians, for years, have longed for a situation like this. We can finally say that we have a “music industry” in India, and not just Bollywood. I am happy that we are seeing this change and this transition before our eyes, ”he said.

Another thing Armaan Malik learned during the pandemic was his attention to mental health. The singer, who has been extremely vocal on the subject over the past 15 months, especially on social networks, feels he never even thought about it, before the lockdown was put in place.

“I do my best to make sure I have time to do something other than music, just so I can clear all the clutter in my mind. Personal care is extremely important and the pandemic made me realize that I was missing this department as much as possible. Due to my professional commitments, I never had the time to take care of my health. I let my physical and mental health take a back seat, ”he says.

“But not anymore,” says Malik, who has made it his “mission” in life to “heal my mind and body and take care of myself”.

“We have heard the expression ‘health is wealth’ for a very long time, but it has never hit harder than during the pandemic. It hasn’t been easy at all to juggle all these different facets of my career and my life, but I think my team and I have kind of developed a system where we are able to handle all of this fairly. fluid. It is ‘having time to do something else’ which becomes very difficult to achieve, ”he concludes.


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