Grammys CEO defends nominations of alleged sexual abuser Marilyn Manson and disgraced comedian Louis CK


Meanwhile, comedian Louis CK was nominated for Best Comedy Album after winning admitted for sexual misconduct with multiple women in 2017.

Mason Jr said The Wrap The Academy “won’t limit who can submit their material for review,” but hinted it could be more insightful when handing out red carpet invitations.

“We will not look back on people’s history, we will not look at their criminal records, we will not look at anything other than the legality in our rules of: is this recording for this work eligible depending on the date and other criteria? If so, they can submit for review, “Mason Jr. said in a statement.

“What we will be monitoring are our stages, our shows, our events, our red carpets. We will review all those who ask to be a part of it, ask to be present, and we will make our decisions at that time.

“But we are not going to prevent people from submitting their work to the decision of our constituents.”

Manson, who remains the subject of multiple sexual assault charges, has been dropped by his record company Loma Vista records in light of the allegations against him. These began when his ex-fiancee Evan Rachel Wood accused him of “taking care of her” when she was a teenager and “having horribly abused her for years”.

A recent survey of Rolling stonee based on court documents and over 55 interviews, detailed testimony from many of Manson’s exes with allegations of torture, rape and imprisonment, among other violations.

Other controversial Grammy nominees 2022 nominees include comedian Dave Chapelle, who was recently criticized for his comments on transgender people in his latest Netflix stand-up special, as well as rapper DaBaby, who suffered a backlash after he makes homophobic remarks during a performance at Rolling Loud. party in July.


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