Covid UK news live: Hospitals declare ‘black alerts’ as UK records 104 additional deaths


<p>A small number of severe cases among 16-17 year olds “deserved” to offer them the first doses of a vaccine</p>

A small number of severe cases among 16-17 year olds “deserved” to offer them the first doses of a vaccine


The surge in patient numbers is putting additional pressure on the NHS across the country, with major hospitals declaring ‘black alerts’ over bed shortages and more operations being canceled.

Heads of hospitals have warned that the NHS is now the busiest it has ever been, and Health Secretary Sajid Javid has agreed that health services will need more investment.

In recent weeks, hospitals across England have seen record levels of non-Covid patients presenting to A&E, with a lack of intensive care beds meaning routine surgeries, including for some cancer patients, have been canceled across England.

It comes as the UK recorded 29,612 new cases of Covid and 104 other deaths within 28 days of testing positive in the last 24-hour period.

Meanwhile, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group. said achieving collective immunity is “not a possibility” with the current Delta variant.

“The Delta variant will still infect those vaccinated,” he told MPs. “And that means anyone who is still not vaccinated at some point will encounter the virus.”

He added: “We have nothing that [completely] stop this transmission.


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Signs of third wave of Covid in at least 10 Indian states, experts warn

Signs of a third wave of Covid-19 have emerged in India with at least 10 states reporting an increase in R-value – indicating that each infected person is transmitting the coronavirus to more people than in the past three months .

States like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala are reporting an increase in the R-value, experts said.

Currently, the average R-value – or reproductive factor – in India is 1.01. Experts say this means each infected person transmits the virus to more than one other person.

During the second deadly wave in the country, the R-value was around 1.4 and almost a month ago it dropped to 0.9.

Experts fear that increasing the reproduction value above 1 signals a growing infection rate in the country. Dr Samiran Panda, chief epidemiologist at the Indian Council for Medical Research, said: “The increase in R-value could be an early warning signal of the onset of a third wave. “

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Department of Health reports 37 ‘districts of concern’ amid spike in Covid cases

The Union Minister of Health announced that there are “37 Districts of Concern” across India which are causing the number of Covid-19s to increase in the country.

At least 37 districts in nine states – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Meghalaya and Mizoram – are a matter of “concern” according to the Indian Ministry of Health. These districts are showing an increasing trend in daily coronavirus cases over the past two weeks.

Overall, 44 districts across India reported a weekly positivity rate above 10%, according to the data.

Kerala in the south is the only state with more than 100,000 active cases of Covid-19.

India recorded 38,353 new Covid-19 infections on Tuesday, 36% more than on Monday.

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Kerala allows reopening of stores in malls from today

Despite the growing number of Covid-19 infections in the state, Kerala is allowing shopping malls to reopen from today.

According to the government decree, Covid security protocols must be followed at entry points to shopping centers.

Shops, markets, banks, offices, factories, tourist areas and other financial, commercial and industrial establishments in Kerala are currently open six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

The weekend lockdown was limited to Sunday, state Health Minister Veena George told media.

Kerala is the only state in the country with more than 100,000 active cases of Covid-19. And new data revealed on Tuesday that the positivity rate in the state had reached its level in nearly three months.

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Covid cases in China peak in seven months

In China, coronavirus cases peaked in seven months on Tuesday amid the rise of the Delta variant in the country.

The government has described this current outbreak – which has triggered local lockdowns, mass testing and travel restrictions – as the most serious since the virus first appeared in Wuhan.

Chinese health authorities recorded 143 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday. Of these, 108 were transmitted locally.

Tuesday’s figures would be the highest since January, when the country recorded 144 new cases of Covid and 126 domestic infections, mostly in northern regions.

The state-controlled Xinhua News Agency quoted Zhang Wenhong, an infectious disease expert in the country, as saying, “We have succeeded in containing the epidemic in Guangzhou, and the epidemic in Nanjing is gradually being brought under control.”

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Florida governor says there are no salaries for principals who enact mask warrants

In the United States, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said the state can withhold salaries from principals who enact mask warrants.

Several school unions had promoted mask and vaccine mandates for teaching and non-teaching staff in schools.

In a statement on Monday, the Republican governor said the state board of education “may decide to withhold the salary of the district superintendent or school board members” if it issues rules requiring children to wear. face masks.

He added that teachers or other school staff would not be affected.

Earlier, Mr DeSantis said imposing masks on students would infringe on parents’ rights.

Health experts said the masks were needed to slow the spread of the Delta variant, especially since vaccines for children under 12 are yet to be approved.

The United States Centers for Disease Control also says students over two years old and all staff must wear a mask indoors even if they are vaccinated.

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Delta variant makes collective immunity impossible

Herd immunity is “not a possibility” due to the prevalence of the Delta variant, warned a scientist behind the Oxford vaccine.

Growing evidence that the highly transmissible Delta variant can infect those who have been vaccinated suggests that herd immunity is unlikely to ever be achieved, said Dr Sir Andrew Pollard, which means infections will continue. to spread throughout the population.

He said: “The Delta variant will always infect people who are vaccinated,” he told MPs. “And that means anyone who is still not vaccinated at some point will encounter the virus.”

Samuel Lovett has the full story:

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Labor MP denounces ‘scam’ travel test program

Labor MP Ben Bradshaw criticized the travel testing program, saying general PCR testing on fully vaccinated people returning from countries with lower Covid-19 rates than in the UK was’ a complete scam and totally unacceptable “.

Travelers dropping their tests after returning from vacation have reported public drop-boxes overflowing with unsafe Covid-19 tests and the program is expected to be overwhelmed as Britons return from their August escapades.

The independent reviewed the latest issues with the test program here:

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The government advised to vaccinate 16 and 17 year olds

Professor Adam Finn, who sits on the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization, said the body had informed the government that children between the ages of 16 and 17 would need the vaccine after seeing a small number of severe cases in the age group.

He said BBC breakfast that such cases deserved to give the age group “just a first dose”. He said the committee would indicate “when and what” the second dose would be for 16 and 17 year olds after evaluating more data.

He said: “Most young people who get this virus get it mildly or even without any symptoms.

“But we’re seeing cases in hospital even in this age group – we’ve had a few 17-year-olds here in Bristol admitted and in need of intensive care over the past four to six weeks – and so we’re starting to see a small number of severe cases.

“What we know for sure is that these vaccines are very effective in preventing these kinds of serious cases from happening.”

Danny Altmann, professor of immunology at Imperial College London, said Radio schedules this morning that it “would be a good thing” for children over 12 to get vaccinated.

When asked if children over 12 should be vaccinated, he replied, “I think so, we are going to look everywhere and see that this is being done very successfully in other countries like this. ‘is the case, and we will give way to that as well. . I think that would be a good thing.

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Asymptomatic schoolchildren should not be exempt from testing, expert says

Danny Altmann, professor of immunology at Imperial College London, disagrees with the argument that asymptomatic schoolchildren should be exempted from coronavirus tests to prevent them from missing school hours.

He said Radio schedules: “From a medical and scientific point of view, I would say that there is nothing special about the virus in their lungs that cannot be transmitted to their families, to their teachers, to their colleagues.

“What is special about an asymptomatic child? They are as dangerous to the spread as anyone else.

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