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Currently, those who are eligible for their jab booster are offered Pzifer or Moderna at least six months after their second jab. In England, coronavirus vaccine records are uploaded to the NHS app a few days after the jab.

However, as the government begins rolling out the booster for those over 40, many people said their vaccine passports on the app were not updated to show they had received the booster.

Some have reported that the booster does not appear in the “home or travel” section of the app, despite many countries requiring it as official proof of vaccine status.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Affairs said: ‘Currently, booster vaccinations are not required for national certification in England or at the UK border and are not currently displayed in the NHS Covid Pass.

“We know that some countries are changing their vaccination requirements, so we continue to monitor this to ensure that UK citizens can travel abroad as easily as possible.”

Many people have taken to social media after their booster jab was not recorded on their NHS app.

One person, whose username is Glitter JoJo, wrote: “I had my Covid booster last Monday.

“Still hasn’t appeared on the NHS app. Anyone know why? “

Another person, Taylor, added: “Why doesn’t the Covid passport app show your last reminder shot?

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“What is that !”

Someone else, Philippa Becket, commented: “I just received my Covid booster and am very happy to have it.

“Apparently this jab will not appear on the app and therefore will cause us huge problems as it will soon become a mandatory part of a health pass in many European countries.

“So no skiing ??”

Ian Gordon also fumed: ‘Why isn’t NHS England adding the booster vaccine to the NHS app’s Covid passport file?

“It is necessary to have files in one place.

“It can only be viewed in the app’s medical records.

“Is this being corrected?” “

Due to the lack of evidence to support the jab booster, many UK holidaymakers have encountered difficulties while traveling abroad.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that the booster dose will be added to the NHS Covid Travel Pass.

He said: “We will be planning to add the booster dose to the NHS Covid Travel Pass.

“What’s the general lesson, if someone wants to travel, you can see that getting the shot with a booster will make your life easier for overseas travel.

“If you think about it, that’s yet another reason to do it.”


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