Artist Paul McCartney is also a great founder and manager, by Tyler Cowen | Chroniclers


When it comes to work ethic, Paul has been writing and performing songs since 1956 without a real break. Sessions for the concert and the “Let It Be” album, as described in “Get Back”, began just weeks after work on the so-called white album was completed. And after “Let It Be” was to come “Abbey Road”, the Beatles album where Paul most clearly takes the lead.

After the Beatles split, McCartney continued. Many fans and critics prefer his work with The Beatles, but the totality of his accomplishments is breathtaking. He has three solo albums on which he plays all instruments, and he has composed in virtually every musical genre, including heavy metal, blues, music hall, country and western, gospel, Latin , pastiche, psychedelia, electronics, new wave, drone, lounge, reggae and more. Working with producer George Martin, he was one of the first popular musicians to master the use of the recording studio, despite his lack of technical training. He also learned to compose for classical orchestra and wrote several major choral works, including the highly regarded “Ecce Cor Meum”.

Its vocal range once spanned four octaves. He studied avant-garde and helped integrate the ideas of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen into popular music.

He grew up in a very poor part of Liverpool (you can still visit the house) and became the first music billionaire, thanks to royalties from songwriting, concert income and wise investments in rights. royalty on other people’s songs (he also inherited money from his late wife). Well into his 70s, he still presented 2.5-hour live performances, a practice stopped only by the pandemic.


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