A 41-minute night parade of a hundred demons


Without land

Inspired by Krautrock and Japanese psychedelic bands when they launched in 2001, the psych rock power trio Earthless includes drummer Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket from the Crypt, the Black Heart Procession), guitarist Isaiah Mitchell (Nebula) and bassist Mike Eginton (Electric Nazarene). The band will release their sixth studio album Night parade of the hundred demons January 28 via Nuclear Blast, with a winter tour kicking off January 27 at The Echo in LA Recorded with Rubalcaba’s childhood friend Ben Moore (Diamanda Galas, Hot Snakes), the album features a 41-song title track. minutes and a 20 minute song called “Death in the Red Sun”. According to Eginton, “My son and I stumbled upon the ‘Night Parade of the Hundred Demons’ in a traditional Japanese ghost storybook. I like the idea that people are hiding and being able to hear the madness without seeing it. It is the fear of the unknown. Eginton also created the album cover. “I started researching different Youkai, demons, and I really got into it. It was really cool to read where they were from and what their interactions with humans were. Then I tried to create what I imagined the event would look like. I didn’t have a hundred in there, but I got quite a few.

Heather country

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As a teenager, singer-guitarist Heather Nation was already writing songs for bands, her first studio recording session taking place while she was still in high school. She is a founding member of the synth-pop group Belladon, which was nominated for Best New Artist at the San Diego Music Awards, and she has also performed with prog-groove rockers Meadow. Her solo single “Selene” was released in December 2020. A live performance video for “Selene” was produced by Solana Beach music media group Halfway Home Sessions, who released the clip on their website. Nation also gave guitar, singing, and songwriting lessons, and even during the pandemic she could be found performing on Thursday nights at Nick and G’s in Rancho Santa Fe. Nation has a new single titled “Flower”, recorded locally at NONDOH Home Studios, and mixed and mastered by Los Angeles engineer Jules De Gasparis. “It’s a self-esteem hymn,” she says, “very locally focused, given that it’s kind of a star cast here locally that made the track perform in the studio.” The song recently debuted in a live performance with his Heather Nation Trio, which pairs Nation with Omar Lopez (The Wailers, B-Side Players, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble) and Fernando Gomez (NONDOH, Gilbert Castellanos, Frankie J).

Donna Larsen

Singer-songwriter Donna Larsen performs and records acoustic music, having honed her craft in the early 2000s while hosting her San Diego Indie Acoustic Original Artist Showcase at area venues such as ArtLab Studios on Adams Avenue. An eponymous album by Donna Larsen and the Messengers was released in 2019. She also wrote songs suitable for children’s books, which were originally inspired and created for her own children, although her first child is now in the early stages. in his twenties. The combined book and CD projects are co-created and self-published with collaborating artists. His new CD set and children’s book In my own backyard was mastered at Noisy Cricket Studio and will premiere next month at La Mesa. “Amethyst Moon is a cool little mystical shop where the release event takes place on December 11,” says Larsen. “Some of my band members, the Messengers, will be joining me to do a live performance of some of this music, and there will be prizes and discounts on my book and my CD box set and others. items in store. “


Popular with punk and new wave crowds, X-Offenders was a ska-centric band that was frequently spotted on the local scene in the 1980s. They have performed at venues such as Headquarters, Dance City, Journey, Adams Avenue. UCSD Theater and Gymnasium. Their songs have aired with tracks like “Layaway Plan” airing on local station 91X, and they opened for touring headliners including Simple Minds, Untouchables and The Call. The group released an EP in 1982 titled Keep secrets. The members included saxophonist Joe Asaro (Manual Scan, the Answers), guitarist Frank Glaser (later a cover artist for the Reader), drummer Billy Bischell, bassist Paul Fehlman, keyboardist Felipe Kolbo and vocalist Mark Stuart. The youngest member, drummer Billy Bischel, passed away earlier this month.

Stone temple pilots

Grunge pioneers Stone Temple Pilots came together when their late singer Scott Weiland met New Jersey-born bassist Robert DeLeo at a Black Flag concert in Long Beach in 1986. The two Point residents Loma invited DeLeo’s brother Dean to join the guitar and Eric Kretz (who was born in Santa Cruz – just like Weiland, although he also lived in San Diego at the time) became their drummer. Two singers who died later, their 2020 “An Evening With” acoustic tour of North America was canceled due to new singer Jeff Gutt suffering from a severe herniated disc. But the injury didn’t stop their acoustic album Lost since its release on February 10 – Gutt’s second studio release with the band. Last summer, STP released an expanded 25th anniversary reissue of their third album, Tiny Music … Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop and they embarked on a full tour. However: “During the routine covid-19 testing of our group and our team, we discovered that a member of our organization tested positive for the virus,” the group said. “As a precaution, we unfortunately have to cancel our remaining shows on this current tour; our appearances in Daytona, Fla., the Welcome to Rockville Festival, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Skyline Event Center.


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