50 Cent is in the car collection club


“My flow, my show brought me the dough that bought me all my fancy things,” 50 Cent disclosed 18 years ago. “My cradle, my cars, my swimming pools, my jewelry…” Let’s focus on the second, will you?

As befits a rap titan, 50 Cent owns a fleet of Rolls and Lambos. It even has a unique fighter-inspired toy in the garage, as well as the most advanced hypercar ever built. He has never lacked trumps to verify his name. “I’m in the Benz on Monday, the BM on Tuesday, the Range on Wednesday, Thursday, I’m in the hooptay, the Porsche on Friday, I do things my way; Vipe or ‘Vette, I’m tearing up the highway. Looks like Craig David has some competition in newspaper stakes.

Curtis Jackson III’s New York education is the stuff of a hip-hop legend. His mother was a drug dealer who died in a fire when he was eight years old. His father was away and he was raised by his grandmother in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. As a teenager, he was an amateur boxer and street vendor of crack, heroin and cocaine. In 1994, aged 18, he was arrested with drugs and guns and sentenced to three to nine years in prison, but only served six months in a training camp, where he obtained his GED studies diploma. It was then that he adopted the name 50 Cent, as a metaphor for change.


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