The best mortgage loan: find them with our tips

Are you looking for the best mortgage loan? Then we understand that sometimes you no longer see the trees through the forest. There are so many banks and options. In this blog, we give you tips to find the best loan for you.

Can you contribute more than 20% of the value of the home yourself? Then the banks would like to see you. The greater the contribution, the cheaper the rates you can borrow. But even those who do not have their own input do not have to despair. Banks look at various factors when calculating your interest rate.

Your income

Your income

Do not be shy to work out well with your wages for once. Is your income stable? Then emphasize that with the bank clerk. Banks want to be sure that they will see their money back. If you earn well, you form a low risk. That’s why you get the best conditions and the lowest rates.

Fixed or variable interest rate

It is currently the ideal time to borrow. Even 10-year mortgage loans easily have an interest rate below 2%. And according to all predictions, that will stay that way for a while. That is why it is smart to choose a fixed interest rate now.

However, you should not immediately reject the option of a variable interest rate . A variable interest rate at the start of the loan is in any case even lower than the fixed interest rate. Yes, interest rates may rise in the future, but even that rise is set by law and minimal.

Compare all banks

Compare all banks

It pays to look at your options at various banks. That way you can even play them against each other.

Have you found the right bank? Then it is smart to stay with the same bank for all peripheral matters. For example, think of the debt balance insurance. The bank is then more inclined to give you a loan on better terms.

Find a mortgage together with Good Credit @ Good Finance

With us you will undoubtedly find the best mortgage loan. Why? We work together with the most current banks. That gives us a broad overview of all your options so that we can go for the lowest interest rates.

Curious? We also! Let’s sit together for a person-to-person conversation. Our employees are happy to talk about your current financial situation, your expectations and the opportunities that present themselves.

You can always go to one of our offices whenever it suits you. 

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