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KING OF SPAIN - Second Album ReleasedKING OF SPAIN - Second Album Released
King Of Spain release their mouthful of a second album, thirtydegreeshandsonhipsleanforwardsmile on October 7th 2011 and will be playing a number of select shows in the capital before taking their place at the crease as they tour across Europe in the New Year. Oh yes.

OVER THE POND - all amercian actionOVER THE POND - all amercian action
Not only have My Device just returned fizzing from their second US tour (up and down the East Coast) but Anton Barbeau has just been listed in Spin Magazine's The 100 Greatest Bands You've (probably) Never Heard feature - "More than two decades after pop-savvy acid-eaters like John Lennon and Syd Barrett cracked the cosmic egg, this Sacramento songwriter slithered forth with a pure distillation of lyrical jabberwocky, brain-burrowiing melody and mystical psych-guitar fuzz." We'll buy that for a dollar.
Moreover The Race's "In My Head It Works" has been picking up crucial airplay on KEXP, KROQ and KCRW. Maybe we'll have to open that US office one day, after all.

THE RACE - In My Head It WorksTHE RACE - In My Head It Works
The Race are back with their new album - featuring the singles I Get It Wrong and Rude Boy. Available digitally worldwide and physically (on CD) in the UK, France and Japan - you can always get your mitts on a copy at the ever-reliable OxfordMusic.Net and, of course, at gigs.

KING OF SPAIN - album releaseKING OF SPAIN - album release
We're very pleased to be releasing the debut album from South London's, King Of Spain. The band have featured regularly on the Shifty Disco Download Singles Club over the past couple of years and are now ready to step up to the plate. Battleships and Aeroplanes was released nationally in April 2009 but you can also pick up a copy now at the band's live shows and through OxfordMusic.Net.

ANTON BARBEAU - The Automatic Door
BUYANTON BARBEAU - The Automatic Door
Sacramentan Anton Barbeau's current album is a collaboration with Oxford vocalist Su Jordan and has seen the troubadour travel across mainland Europe in support of its release.

Debut album from ex-Boo Radleys' Sice featuring both singles The Days That God Sold You and Do What Thou Will.

SEAGULL STRANGE - Better Angels Of Our NatureBUYSEAGULL STRANGE - Better Angels Of Our Nature
Debut album released early in January and described by one hack as "the best American record done by an English band ever". Not sure what that means but it sounds good. Also available are their Animals, La La La Ley and Love's Sick Disease EPs.

THE YOUNG KNIVES - ...Are Dead ...And SomeBUYTHE YOUNG KNIVES - ...Are Dead ...And Some
Re-issued edition of the debut 2002 mini-album now augmented with the follow-up Rollerskater EP and the video for lead-track Walking On the Autobahn

A three-CD package celebrating the NOW, THEN and MAYBE of our first 10 years

THE RACE - Be Your AlibiBUYTHE RACE - Be Your Alibi
The debut album features re-recorded versions of the band's first two singles from 2005 alongside the two singles lifted from the album for single release - When It Falls and Comfort Comfort. Now only available at, both Raising Children and Amersham Road are well on their way to collectibility status.

Debut Album compiling tracks from the band's three UK EPs and previously unreleased material. ..