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Entrepreneur loan – Good Finance credit line and loan agreement – how should I picture it? With appropriate creditworthiness, our advice gives you a short-term, uncomplicated and free credit limit of 5,000 to the max. USD 60,000. You then have 6 months to deduct the amount of credit you really need within the specified credit limit.

What is the process after I have made a framework commitment?


You will also be informed of the size of your frame with the framework promise. You only tell us how much you want to use within the specified credit limit and you will immediately receive your loan contract. The amount will be transferred to the bank account you specified as soon as all the necessary documents have been received.

One-off suspension of payments, change in term, increase in credit by up to 10 percentage points of the credit line. On the other hand, a special repayment is still possible without restrictions and in a timely manner. Together with your advisor, decide whether you want to extend the deadline with a special repayment or reduce the monthly loan interest. How long do I have to call up my credit?

Your framework commitment is effective for six months. During this time, you can withdraw your credit in the amount of the approved limit. If you have not used your credit within the six months, your general obligation expires and a new application is necessary. Can I change the duration of my loan later? Yes, your credit contract includes the option to increase or decrease the contract period by up to 24 months.

In addition, you have the option of making free unscheduled repayments at any time, with which the duration can be shortened.

Company foundation for women

Company foundation for women

The women’s quota among the self-employed is steadily increasing. After all, they have good conditions for doing business. Numerous features that are considered “typically female”, such as B. organizational talent, adaptability and resilience are crucial for starting a business. Characteristics such as emotionality and motivation ability, which many people have in front of people, spoke for the suitability of motherhood.

But women do not only become entrepreneurs because of their female strength. You have to prepare adequately for independence, refine the conditions and have experienced. In addition to a basic text on this topic, the work offers a variety of checklists, exams or strengths-weaknesses profiles.

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