Shifty Disco
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MescalineRelease Date: 22nd Nov, 2004
Cat No: SHIFTY0401
Format: CDA
Tracks: Silver Buddha ~ Far From Bourbon Nights ~ Tarnished Evidence ~ Lost Weekend ~ Mescaline ~ Nothing Good ~ Jenna ~ Trying To Get You ~ Utopia ~ Selfless ~ Twilight

Tarnished EvidenceRelease Date: 19th Nov, 2001
Cat No: DISCO0111
Format: CDS

Fusing strangely off-key Sabbath-like guitar noise onto lounge-style deep-throat crooning that sounds like some evil, leering rock pig doing a turn at Caesar's Palace, Oxford's bedroom-bound machine-metal hounds The Domes of Silence release their debut single on the Shifty Disco Singles Club.

The Domes of Silence take their name from the small, semi-spherical pieces of plastic that certain compulsive obsessive people wedge under sofa legs to stop them making dents in the carpet or making a noise when they rearrange the furniture late at night.

They take their musical influences from the likes of Black Sabbath, Primal Scream and The Fall. They want to sound as smooth as Neil Diamond and as craggy as Led Zep.

No embarrassing white boy rapping; no funk interludes and no whining about curfew times; The Domes of Silence simply lock themselves in their room, turn out the lights, turn up their amps and worship the old gods of rock. Old, it seems, is the new nu